The Enchanting Place of Present



I live in places past and future.  Seesawing from past memories, regrets, bittersweet fond remembrance as old movie clips shuttering through my mind.  Then jump to future hopes and wild imaginations of things to come and dreams to build.  Then worry and fear of change and dread of staying the same.  Films of future happenings fielding through my memory yet to be.

I am startled out of my reverie here.  The skittering of an invisible lizard.  My eyes not swift enough to see the whole frame belonging to the rabbit tail escaping through the burdock.  Spotted towhee jumping through the brush.  Prey birds circle overhead through the sea foam sky as grandmother moon looks on, sleepy from her night journey.

I get here early before other two footeds take the path and energies are moved with loud voices and thoughts.  I sit on this rock in dappled sun and look through woods, hear the river and birds beyond, my senses high, my spirit settled.

I wonder about plants here.  I recognize more and more medicine along the trail but I am intrigued by wild food as well.  I recognize a few, chokecherries, currants, prickly pear, wild plums, health infusing greens, acorns.  I pass many plants without a nod in my ignorance, for I do not recognize them yet.  But I will.

I stop to smell the sweet caramel of the ponderosa bark and try to catch a photo of butterflies in flight.  And a world away are boxes of peaches and tomatoes to put up.  A few cucumbers too.  Meet some emergency clients for medicine.  All in a moment when I leave this enchanted place of present.  But for now, I am on a rock one with the natural world.

My friends, I went ahead and bought a state park pass which is the ticket to present and mental health alignment as well as physical and spiritual health in one quick or long walk.  I no longer worry about whether I have the exact amount of cash, or if I have the time to make it worth it, I just go.  I find myself taking new paths, spending a half hour or an hour and a half.  I am calmer, peaceful.  For instant balance head to your state parks, or anywhere in nature, for a lovely walk with the Earth.  Wishing you an enchanted day with plenty of present moments!