Wild Medicine

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I have been called an expert in my field, however, I also feel like a small child amongst the plants.  I never fail to be astounded and bewildered by the inherent magic of the plants.  The exploitation of plants will always fall in on itself.  I read the articles about the dozens of holistic doctors being killed suspiciously because they were developing cancer medicines.  Presumably knocked off by the pharmaceutical companies.  I shake my head as I look into the large burdock stems.  There is nothing to develop.  The cure for everything is in the yard.  It is perfect.  Synergistic to our bodies.  Plant spirits in their great generosity.  Realizing we are not separate from any other creation can bring great healing.

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Local herbs trump anything far away.  Our medicine follows us.  I delivered medicine to a bed and breakfast in Boulder that we barter stays for. The innkeepers are a lovely family.  One has leukemia.  One has a torn shoulder ligament.  One has asthma and allergies. I set out to hike the hillside behind their large inn.


Oregon Grape Root contains berberine, one of the only known constituents that kills staph infections. It heals lung issues quickly.


Wild Geranium root is a great antibiotic.


Mullein flowers are anti-allergy and a mild pain reliever. The leaves act to sooth irritated lung tissues.

I found it filled with Oregon Grape Root.  Mullein.  I am sure I would have found wild onion if I kept looking.  Wild Geranium greeted me.  The herbs were waiting for their patient with lung issues.





Anti-inflammatory Yucca


The great willow works on aches and pains.

Blue Spruce along with its helper Yucca awaited the shoulder repair.


Dandelions are powerful medicine.


Dock and its relatives Curly Dock and Yellow Dock are amazing blood cleansers.


The mighty Burdock

I easily found in a garden bed Dock and Dandelion.  “Where are you, Burdock?” I whispered in the morning air.  A hummingbird flitted by in his whir of activity.  There was burdock near the doors to the dining room.

Everything one needs is a walk away.  Even for leukemia.


Horsetail contains silica, which helps with hair and nail health. It works to strengthen the bladder and repairs bones and ligaments.



The mucilage contents of the prickly pear helps with diabetes and heal wounds and burns quickly.




Plantain heals wounds and internally helps restore liver health.


Yarrow regulates blood issues, from blood clots, heart health, to varicose veins.

Society oft thinks that herbs are not as strong as pharmaceuticals but I have seen bones be healed in two weeks time so many times, cancer disappear, diabetes be reversed, and heart problems remedied enough that I have to respectfully disagree.  I live in awe and with excited anticipation to see what else they do.  Spiritual restoration, past trauma healing, peace.  One can reset their spirit immersed in nature.  Even along busy walking trails.

The more I learn, the more I live to be immersed in nature, in gratitude to the Creator, in awe of the magic and effectiveness of wild medicine.


Children innately know the ways of nature.



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