When the Wind Called for Kathy


mom 6

And she left upon a summer day

I didn’t want her to go away.

I felt her presence that morning to say

I love you and I’ll be on my way.

Like a mother to me in many ways

But also great friend for countless days

But we will meet again my sweet mama friend

For the journey begins for you, ’tis not the end.


Throughout my blog, Farmgirl School, I mentioned Kat.  She was one of my closest friends.  A phone call away, we lamented and rejoiced, talked children, and plans, and memories.  I am honored to have her cuckoo clock, her grandma’s aprons, all these things I have written about.  She and Dad (Rod) would drive out to see us and visit with our animals, no matter how far we moved.  Their son, Rodney and his wife Pat, along with Kat and Rod, have been inscribed in every day of our life for the past eleven plus years.  Our travel companions, dinner companions, memory making companions.  I don’t have a lot of close friends so to lose one is losing a piece of my spirit.  But, she is not lost.  Alas, her spirit remains among us.  She always dreamed of getting a cabin and watching the deer come up to her door.  She wanders among the woods and the deer now.  She is at peace.  How we’ll miss you, Dear.

Another reminder for us to catch the present.  Be here.  Be amongst your tribe.  Savor laughter, and the presence of friends.  Hug more.  Kiss more.  Today is a great day to make memories.

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