A Great Adventure


I want to breathe the air from atop a mountain at dawn.  I wish to smell the salty air and hold sand in my hands as I watch an ocean I have never seen before breathe.  I wish to meet new waters.  New lands.  What do the trees look like in Tennessee?  What is Vermont like?  What does the music in the French Quarter sound like?

tiger swallow

I feel like a cocoon just opening.  Shouldering my way out of the crepe paper and nearing a time where I can see the world with wings.  I lived a fairly sheltered life growing up, protected, not much money, a few memorable vacations and visits home to family that I hold onto with fervor in memory.  I was one day a child and the next a mother straddling the worlds.  I have given all I have to raising a family, being a wife, creating businesses that help others.  I have truly lived and loved fiercely the first part of my life.  Now, I stand in a doorway, shifting my shoulder out of the cocoon.

I want stability too.  I want my shop to remain where it is.  My work is absolute magic and enchantment and healing and is amazing.  I do not wish for different calling.  I am thrilled that my daughter is a plant spirit medicine keeper too.  That she can run the shop with  efficiency and compassion if I were to fly away for a moment…or two.

Untethered, but by shop and family, who do need me as much, I am free to roam about the country seeing foliage change in the northeast, and wild berries in the south, organic farms in the west, and Creator’s hand across everything.  I want to see it, document it, paint it, write it, breathe it, experience it.  I have found myself with an incurable fear of missing out.

wild woman

What does a firefly look like?  What does fresh fish taste like?  What does the sun look like as it sets over a thick forest of fireflies and laughter?  I must find out.


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