Working With the Body to Heal Itself

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My arm started knocking.  Then my hands went up to my shoulders, elbows bent, palms to the sky.  I had no control over my body.  I had my first Reiki session when I went to California in April.  The kind woman with the sweet smile didn’t even touch me, yet my body responded in a plea of help to her.  I just laid there.  It was the first time I realized my body was not just a mobile unit for my soul, but very nearly an entity of its own, filled with energy, cells, neurons, communication, movements beyond my knowledge, dutifully carrying my spirit with it everywhere.  It was tired.  I began to love and respect it, empathetically telling it I will do better at releasing tensions, the past, my fears.  I will nourish it more.  I will respect its unexplainable nature.  It is a part of me, yet it is separate.

This changed the way I viewed medicine.  I always knew the body could heal itself.  I teach it.  I tout it.  I believe it.  But I still kept forgetting to think of the body as a responsive, independent unit.  So when Doug’s umbilical hernia turned roughly ten years old and began to push its way out and cause pressure and pain, we panicked.  We haven’t had health insurance for many years and we just aren’t interested in seeing doctors, or having surgery, or getting Staph infections, or anything else having to do with the medical institutions.  But yet that old training and the social and media influences of “You have to see the doctor!  They are the only ones that can help!” radiated through for a few moments.

body heal

There is much information out there about how to heal the body by speaking to it.  If you tell the body it is sick, it will become sick.  If you tell the body it is well, it will generally be well but sometimes you have to help.  You must speak to it.  Sound crazy talking to your body?  That is our old perception of a body doomed to dirt that seems to act up as we get older and we are forever speaking of when we are free from these bodies forgetting it can hear you.

Find the position that feels comfortable, the place of healing.  For Doug, that is lying on his back so the intestine can nestle back into the digestive lining.  We need to seal it up.  So he envisions it being sewn up.  I do too.  We ask the cells to repair and we thank his body for healing itself.  We talk to it, focus, and it is healing.


Nearly every day he drinks a quart of iced tea that I prepared.  I create an infusion of powerful healers in a large pot.  Comfrey is the star of the show.  Comfrey was subject to a research study in the seventies of a dozen people with varying states of liver failure.  Somehow in the end the comfrey was blamed.  The variety used in that study is extinct.  We do not fear comfrey.  It cures cancer.  It heals broken bones in two weeks.  Why would it hurt us?  The plant spirit of comfrey is quite benevolent.

Common mallow root, raspberry leaves, and mullein leaves create a gelatinous effect to help it sew up.  Ginger and turmeric take down inflammation.  Yucca root works to cleanse the area and takes down inflammation.  There are other things I put in the big pot of tea.  The extras vary each week.  Mint, lemon balm, and chamomile help the digestive system and are beneficial to the tea.  It also makes it taste better.  Honey is quite nice and is healing in its own right.


The hernia was pressing through his belly button, a vein pushed through with it.  It is now about 50% better.  It is retreating back in.  It is not as hard.  We have been working on it for two months.

Plants work synergistically with the body to heal.  Speaking to the body kindly and cheerleading it on helps the body become stronger and without disease.  Maybe our bodies are just tired.  Looking inward we can see and understand what the body needs.  Spiritual ailments and physical injuries take their toll.  Let’s respect and care for our bodies like they deserve.  Their magic never fails to astound me.



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  1. I would love to add the two of you to my Reiki distant healing meditation in the mornings. I have been practicing Reiki for ten years, so it’s fair to say I understand how profound a Reiki session can be!

    I share your awareness of how magical the body is. We are amazing creations!


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