Simplifying Life to Live Fully


So here you are looking out into the wide expanse of world and life.  Our desires at the forefront, our relationships, our work, our lifestyle, our spiritual life, all whirling in masses of complexity.  Simplifying one’s perspective can bring more focus, joy, and peace to the day to day.

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I don’t have to tell you that life seems to be moving faster than we can get dinner on the table.  I blink and am kissing my husband goodnight again.  Days flying past like wind.  Capturing moments and seeing clearly help us to better balance and live fully.

Let’s imagine we have five globes.  Each one can fit in our hand and has different scenes and swirling colors and textures.  The first one is your greatest desire.  When that is not manifested yet it can make you feel desperate and impatient.  I have heard, “Be patient.  Be grateful,” more times than I like.  I look into that globe and wish for a home so badly I feel manic.  I look at my apartment and think, “Oh yea, this is great.  I love pavement, and sirens, and loud neighbors, and no stars, and…”  All I want is a home.  In the woods.  Away a bit.  I turn the globe a bit until I see something new…

Doug wishes for financial stability.  And every time we get real worked up it seems that the Creator puts someone in our path with less.  A friend living in her van with her children.  A distraught man whose son died in his sleep.  Our problems wisp away on the same winds they came.  I see a light filled apartment with a balcony overlooking the mountains.  A hummingbird visits.  My plants lift their faces to the sun and Doug and I look for drawings in the clouds.  Our bills are paid.  Our kitchen has food.  We have a bed and places to sit.  It is lovely.


I find gratitude and peace.  And today, I cannot make a house in the woods appear so I will not think of it today.  What is your greatest desire?  What can you do today to achieve it?  Now let it go until tomorrow.  Turn the globe until you see light.


The second globe is your spiritual beliefs.  What do you see?  It is bigger and more amazing than what we can see.  Through our life as we live and grow through the lessons we chose before coming here.  We will learn and unlearn doctrine.  We will find the Creator in unexpected places because every cell in every item on this planet contains a code encrypted by Spirit.  Touch base with your beliefs today.  Breathe.  Bless.  Find Spirit in yourself as well.  Be enchanted and amazed at your miraculous design.  Howl at the moon, walk through the trees, touch the grass, talk to a bird, pick up a rock, see beyond.  Meditate and find answers.  Love each creature you meet.  Give thanks.


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The third globe is your relationships.  We humans have a very finite amount of energy each day.  We have our work, our spiritual life, our self care, our hobbies, dreams, and people to split our energy between.  Where you put your energy leaves less for other places.  If you choose to speak with or have a relationship with someone that is caustic, hurtful (whether they know it or not) in words or actions, there is just not enough time or energy in this world to give them another minute.  That energy could be spent watching butterflies at the park.  Or hugging a child.  Or drinking coffee with a friend.  Who is your tribe?  Who do you love?  Who knows you and loves you as you are in every facet of your unique, beautiful being?  I have my children and grandchild.  I have my husband.  I have a few close friends that we spend a lot of time with.  I have a few extended family members I treasure time with.  That is all.  There just isn’t time in twenty-four hours to have fifty close relationships.  Who are your people?

The fourth globe is your job or your work.  Are you doing what your destiny wrote?  Let’s say we simplify this down real small.  What would you do even if you didn’t get paid?  What would you do?  Would you paint?  Would you write?  Would you help children feel comfort?  Would you rescue animals?  I would make medicine.  I would write.  I would build people up.  That is what I do.  Knowing your favorite activity, gift, offering, what would you do?  Can you do that more?  Can you do that as a living?  Can you do that on weekends?

The fifth globe is what you want to do today.  Today is here.  The people we want to see.  Or the book you want to read.  The life you want to lead is today.  Choose something to do today that will make you extraordinarily happy.  I think I will take a walk.  As we hiked yesterday we found paths lined with acorns, and hawthorn berries, currants, rose hips, and many other food sources.  Everything we need is all around us.  Let go, look around, and breathe.  Smile.  It’s a good life.  Sometimes we just need to simplify it.

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