My Family

And in my life I’ve never known as great of loves as these,


Around 17 years ago

My life’s blood flows through the most beautiful children be,


My beautiful youngest, Emily with my grandbaby, Maryjane, who has us completely in love.


And the light from the littlest of them all brings joy to every day,


My funny, witty, patient husband, Doug

And the love of my life, companion in soul, makes everything okay.


My middle child, Shyanne, who makes medicine with me in my shop.  I love working with her.

And thoughts of home and burdens lift…


My Andrew. I love this kid.

When I see their sweet faces be,


Our family is just too much fun!

And I know right where I am supposed to stay,


Among these beautiful people I love more every day.

Priorities are easy to see when you let everything else slip away from your mind.  What a gift to have people in your life that you love.  Make sure everyone you love knows it today.  Have a beautiful, inspiring, loved day.

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