A New Kind of To Do List

With all of our to do lists and lists of to do lists, I am giving you a new list for this week.  A practical to do list that will alter your life as well as the lives around you in a positive manner.  You will expand your horizons, embrace compassion, and live.  Here’s to a bright new week!


#1 Meet with a friend for coffee or tea or lunch.

In our busy world we often forget that connecting with loved ones is important for our balanced health.  Finding a friend to see new perspectives with over a cup of coffee increases peace of mind and our outlook.


#2 Pick up a new book in a new genre for you.

It is easy to choose a book in the same genre as we always read but reading something new can be inspirational, liberating, and eye opening!

#3 Cheat on diet and eat a food you really enjoy.

Sometimes crème brulee and expresso can be the ticket to joy.


#4 Do something new, explore somewhere new.

Explore a new state park, or a new walking trail, or a new little town. 

#5 Smile at strangers.

They may or may not smile back.  It doesn’t matter.  Spread light.

#6 Wave at passerbys.

They may look behind them to see who you are waving at.  Wave anyway.  Wave at squirrels too.

#7 Compliment three people a day (include strangers).

We live in a world of self consciousness and rigid expectations.  Make someone smile.  Tell them they are beautiful, or you love their shirt, or their smile.


#8 Sit in the park, or in the back yard, or in the woods and quietly listen and give thanks for each and every gift you have.

Writing down all the things that are good in your life, especially while going through a tough time, can really open your eyes to the inherent beauty in your life. 

#9 Put your hands on your heart and repeatedly say, “I love you, I love you, I love you, you are beautiful.”  Feel your whole body change.

A beautiful Columbian lady came into my shop and taught me this.  It goes along with the talking to your cells to heal and speaking to yourself kindly.  I love me, I love me, I love me.  I am beautiful.

#10 Try a new genre of food.  Indian, African, French…

So many wonderful things to experience and mini travel starts with travel memoirs and great food.  Many times that can be just down the street.

#11 What else do you think we ought to do this week?


5 thoughts on “A New Kind of To Do List

  1. Love this list! I would add to call a friend you haven’t talked with in a while to reconnect. I already planned to do that, and your list cemented it for me.

    Have a lovely week!


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