Creating Something New

This time tomorrow we will be zooming through New Mexico in my new convertible Fiat and I am taking y’all with me!  New Mexico is the ultimate place of enchantment for me and I always keep a small pad of paper with me to write down the many creative ideas I get while I am there.  Many ideas for writings and paintings come from that beautiful state.


Start by sketching your main characters. You can look at physical forms on the internet or in photographs to get the size and ratios down. Work back to front. Background gets painted first.


My work is being shown at the Denver Indian Center September 17-18 at the White Stallion Fine Arts and Craft Fair and I wanted to get a few pieces out before that.  I am not the best artist but I do love getting an idea onto paper.


I then added in the trees, still moving my way forward in the painting.

When my children were growing up we did a lot of art.  I taught them that you cannot mess up art.  Art and ideas have their own entities and will come out just as they please.  You can imagine how a painting will come out but then it will come out not at all as you expect because you are just the transport for the creation.  It is a wonderful thing to help things become created.


Details are added in and the characters are started.

I encourage you to create this week.  This world is more beautiful when art is expressed and created.  Do you have a poem you can write down?  It doesn’t have to rhyme.  Do you have a story idea?  A pencil drawing or watercolor? A full painting?  A song?  A drum rhythm?  A display of leaves and wildflowers?  A novel?  Create my friends!  Feel free to post your beautiful creations in the comments.


The title of this piece is “Spirit Guides.” I’ll probably mess with it more today. If you could see the piece up close I added glittering paint to the owl wings, the moon, and there are glints of fairies. There are no rules for art. Just have fun!

Have a beautiful, creative day and I’ll see you in Socorro!

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