Autumn Stealth in the Night

  Autumn came in serene and stealth and sweet. The cooler nights and much less warm heat. Antelopes come down in family herds. Stillness in air for lack of song birds. Seems my beloved winged ones went away Without fanfare one late summer day. Ushering in the new season of fall. 'Tis one of the loveliest of … Continue reading Autumn Stealth in the Night

Home; a Tale of Before and After

I hit the antique stores along south Broadway when I was twelve.  An old Coca Cola tray was my first purchase.  I would redecorate my room and take pictures.  My love affair with decorating began.  One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was from a young woman visiting our home.  She declared that our house … Continue reading Home; a Tale of Before and After

Trusting Your Inner Voice

Reclaiming our body and spirit's ability to make strong and intuitive decisions can be second nature.  Animals know what to do, what to eat, where water is, when danger is approaching, what plants are medicinal and which they need at the moment.  We are animals.  Where did our senses go?  Have we quieted them to … Continue reading Trusting Your Inner Voice


The porch swing rocks gently as the crickets serenade.  The last light showcases the magnificent Sandia mountain.  There is a very large gnarled tree looking on, its thick limbs crisscrossing in entanglements of a life that could tell of early settlers and farmers and Natives if only I could hear its murmurings over the cicadas.  Ristras … Continue reading Corrales