Socorro and Sunrise


The sunrise spreads over the adobe walls of the courtyard.  Huge bumble bees flit to and from sunflowers.  A rooster crows in the distance.  Hummingbirds dance in numbers, whizzing about.  The lavender reaches up and stretches after a cool desert night.  The stars were layered in their numbers.  The ink sky quiet.

Dos Casitas Bed and Breakfast in Socorro, New Mexico is quaint, lovely.  In typical small world, the proprietor is from Denver and just went to a wedding a few miles from my shop last month.  Her wild and very cute cocker spaniel jumps around.

Socorro is not what we expected.  It is a college town so we expected something like Laramie, Wyoming.  It is more like “I do not want to walk down that street because I may get mugged.” And then at the end of that same street will be a turn of the last century house being restored to its original southwestern beauty and the whole place whispers of wise investment.  This is an up and coming town.  Quiet neighbors, beautiful landscapes dot the neighborhood.

We ate at El Sombrero and were welcomed to the state with that beautiful New Mexican chili, which grew not too far from the restaurant.  Spicy, vegetarian, green chili, and smoky red chili.  We always order Christmas.

Today will explore Magdalena, a mountain town near.  We’ll peruse shops and the local apothecary.  And see what other adventures we can find.

The beauty of this place is so lovely it makes me aware of my tension.  It makes me want to release my stress and work and life into its clay walls and embrace its stories and history.  It is red chili for the soul.  Spicy, nourishing, familiar.