Trusting Your Inner Voice


Reclaiming our body and spirit’s ability to make strong and intuitive decisions can be second nature.  Animals know what to do, what to eat, where water is, when danger is approaching, what plants are medicinal and which they need at the moment.  We are animals.  Where did our senses go?  Have we quieted them to the point of numbness?



I am not able to drink too much.  After one glass of wine my body says loud and clear that is enough.  I don’t feel sick, I don’t feel tipsy, and there is no way I can bring that glass to my lips.  My body says “no”.  Same with eating.  I cannot overeat.  Once I am done, I’m done.  I cannot eat another bite.  I used to joke that I was zero fun but I have heard enough times what a gift that is that I have stopped saying that.


I know that we all have these voices in us directing us to our higher good.  If I listen I know when to respond to an email, when to return phone calls, what to read, when not to leave the house yet, what plant medicines I need, what nourishment I need.  It is only when I ignore that inner voice that I get into trouble.

Every body’s make up will be different.  Every dream is different.  Every person is different.  So listening to one’s inner voice is exceptionally important since no one else can direct you to your best life.


Our inner voice illuminates our dreams.  Where we are being led.  I get paralyzed with fear over the “what could happen”, worrying about relationships sustaining if I follow my dream, I worry and stop listening to the inner voice.


Capture the words of your inner voice and let them be your guide in every decision of every day and watch your life explode with color and adventures and true inner joy.  Be brave and listen…

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