The world comes rushing through.  Attempting to be in three places at once, get everything done, make all the right decisions, and keep up can, and often does, takes up the majority of our time.  Folks, especially Americans, are notoriously and ridiculously busy.  I find myself jumping into the race until I fall on the rug exhausted.

My beautiful granddaughter, Maryjane, teaches me the realities of life.  She notices bugs and bees and birds and clouds and airplanes and still manages to get plenty of play and work in.  Jumping into the air with a whoop for no reason at all.


This week I want to highlight the real priorities of this life.  Lest we lose track as we run to the store, clean the house, be two places at once, get overwhelmed, or too busy, we can refocus for a few seconds on the most important things that make life real life.


Finding joy.  What is joy to you?  A few moments with your face to the sun?  Creating art?  Walking through a park?  Gathering leaves to display?  Playing with a child?  Dancing?  Reading?  Talking to a friend?  Joy.  Because we aren’t on this earth to be so dang busy.  Breathe, face the sun, or close your eyes and smile.  Try skipping.  Sing opera in the shower.  JOY is today’s priority.