Being Thankful


Last year after a particularly bad storm Aunt Donna broke the news to me that the big, old apple tree was no more.  Its branches had collapsed and the years of apple gathering had come to an end.


The other night she called and said that the tree was filled with fruit!  A true testament to this beautiful Earth and all its bounty.  The crisp green apples hung from their boughs in twins and triplets and as I tugged slight they would all tumble down.


The Autumn Equinox brings on the celebration of Mabon.  The second of the harvest festivals in the traditional agricultural calendars.  A time to give thanks for all of the many harvests we have gathered this year.  We give thanks for crisp apples, enjoy a little wine, and put up as much food as we can for the approaching winter.


Taking a few minutes to be thankful can set your day, or reset your day, on a brighter path.  Even when it feels like there are too many negative things happening, or when we are overwhelmed, the simple act of a gratitude and introspection can change our entire perception.


So today, write out 50 things you are grateful for, from the smell of fresh coffee, to your cat’s sweet purr, to the box of apples in the pantry.  Take a walk.  Thank Mother Earth in person for all of the bounty of the season.  Enjoy time today with someone you love.

I am thankful.

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