Life (Saving) with Plants


The average person would have found the closest emergency room.  Every other commercial on the radio and advertisements throughout magazines promoting urgent care, find a doctor, and dangerous medicines leave us terrified that we will die of some ailment or another if we don’t seek out their assistance.  It is all we can do to fight the fear based advertising surrounding doctors and ER’s.  As my throat closed up I calmly (or as calmly as I could) reached for the Asthma medicine that we make at our shop.  The cool vinegar and honey concoction slid down my throat.  Another few droppers of Allergy.  My throat opened and I drifted off to sleep and woke a few times in the night to retake the medicines and by morning was fine.

It started two days ago as I quickly dealt with the onslaught of hot peppers that I planted because my friend included them in my seedling order.  Of course that was my bumper crop this year.  Firey hot peppers.  We are more green chili people.  So, what to do with them?  I put the serranoes with garlic in olive oil for Christmas presents and started deftly chopping the mound of jalapenos to pickle.  The volatile oils wafted into my nostrils hinting at their surprisingly intense heat.  I used my fingernails to push out the seeds so that perhaps they wouldn’t be so dang hot.  The rest of the evening I applied my burn and wound healer to my fingers and nails!

The next morning my lips (even though I hadn’t eaten any), beneath my fingernails, and my stomach were on fire.  It was as if I had eaten a whole serrano raw.  I kept taking the digestive tincture throughout the day, lemon balm, ginger, mint, mullein, and chamomile, attempting to undo my foolish mistake.  I wondered if this was related since I didn’t eat any of the peppers.  Perhaps I was coming down with something?  The digestive extract kept it at bay but it was the Arthritis tincture with its amazing Cramp bark and Willow that finally stopped the discomfort.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a widespread rash.  My nerve endings sang out and the heat felt like a terrible sunburn.  I could feel it coming up my face.  Again, an ordinary person would have gone straight to urgent care.  I am not an ordinary person.  I am a plant person.  I trust my plants more than Google guessing doctors and stolen constituent medicines.  Waves of soothing herbs suspended in salve softened the rash and this morning it is almost gone.

Last night was the scariest though as my throat started to close up.  But the herbs save lives.  I have seen it.  I believe in them fiercely.  And this morning I am well enough, with strong lessons learned; leave the hot peppers to already blended spice blends if I’m not going to wear gloves, stick with green peppers, and never take for granted how miraculous plants are.  Made properly, they can handle any ailment.

We share strands of DNA and mycelium with the plant world.  We are synergistically bound to them and they are gracious enough to heal us with no list of side effects or limitations.

I am grateful and I will always remain a plant medicine person.

My complete list of powerful plant medicines along with my Correspondence course to become a Certified Herbalist is on my website should you like to be prepared.