To go with the writings two weeks ago of Joy and Gratitude, I want to continue with Faith. “Things always work out,” my grandma says often, “maybe not as you expect, but they always work out.”  I also believe that when we have a dream deep in our heart that grows and bubbles and takes over, it is for a reason.  A gift, a reason, tiny bits of fate that zip through each other’s dreams.  Places we are supposed to be, to meet the right people, to live and change and learn and journey….all prompted by a dream.

Faith is knowing it will work out.  Not just faith in the Great Spirit, but also in the people around us, and in our loved ones, and in our work, and in the universal truth that doors open and close seamlessly as we get closer.  Having courage makes faith work better.

I ignored my garden for the most part the last few months.  Little watering, sand and clay soil, and the masses of grasshoppers, plus the dashed romantic notion of a “community” garden kept me from being very diligent.  But each time I went there I left with a large basket of produce.  A love letter from Mother Earth and the soil that I worked at the beginning.  Kisses of tomatoes and kale, of dried beans and squash, of eggplants and herbs, of carrots and snow peas, sunflowers and morning glories, potatoes by the box and lots of onions too, each day a bounty, a gift, that I could not fathom how I was worthy of.  Even yesterday, with the knowledge that temperatures were dipping to twenty-seven degrees, I ventured to the garden to see what was left.  I left with an overflowing basket of beautiful vegetables and a promise of a near future homestead.

How we dream of living simply, with a rocket stove, and chickens, with fuzzy sheep, and milking goats, of extensive gardens, and rockers on the porch.  A million stars in the sky.

What is your dream today?  It’s coming…