Joy, kicking up our heels in the grass, faces to the sun…Gratitude, being thankful for each thing we have and the many moments around us….Faith, knowing doors will open and close for us on our journey to help make our dreams come true…and Love, the very thing that makes life worth living.


In our busy lives we sometimes lose track of making time for love.  Even with work and daily packed schedules, making time to make sure that the people in your life feel loved and know that they are loved is so important.  Losing a marriage over many years of busyness then suddenly not knowing the other person anymore is a travesty.  Or children feeling alone out in the world as adults, or as young children in front of the television.  Or our elders feeling forgotten.  Let’s make sure we set aside time to make sure we spread love.


After six years of constant companionship, shared work, and farming together, Doug had to go back to an 8-5 job so that we can save to get our own farm.  That was a year ago.  We have one day together a week now and we make sure we go on dates.  Every Sunday we try a new restaurant or go hiking or go somewhere new.


Yesterday the trees in Evergreen stretched up to meet the autumn azure sky and the aspens quaked a lovely coral color.  The lake was so clear the reflections of ducks flying over the water were of absolute detail.  The sun was warm on our faces as we laughed at children feeding ducks, old timers fishing for trout, and as we smelled the last of the ponderosas vanilla bark.  The sap lowered for winter.


We ate on the patio of Willow Creek, one of our favorite restaurants.  Our photographs chronicling our love affair.

Doug is a fine photographer, even though all we have are phones, and he can sense lighting and stance better than myself, certainly.  He loves to take panoramas to capture the beauty across the entire view.  And over the years I am always surprised to see myself in them!  I am always on the edge.  They feel like love letters.





Making time to nurture all the loves in your life (including the one for yourself) will make life so much more fulfilling and sweet.