How to Achieve Perfect Health

Everyone is always on the search for how to be healthier, how to restore health, how to live, and how to increase quality of life.  There are many fads out there but we can simply look at the universal and ancient techniques and practices to find what has always worked and then incorporate them into our life.  Here are ten ways to achieve that balance and perfect health we all wish for.  If we get off track, we just jump back on the path.  Health is completely attainable.


#1 Be Outdoors.  Fresh air, trees, plants, flowers, running water, the great sky, and the earth brings us more in tune with our Source and our connections and our sense of peace grows stronger.


#2 Eat a Plant Based Diet.  The longevity studies and the China studies show, and cultures around the world since our historical beginning relied on a plant based diet for antioxidants (Which we know oxygenate the blood. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. New cell regeneration is incredible with plant foods.) and sustenance.  Any animal products, dairy, fish, poultry, or meat, was a side, a flavoring, not a main course.

All cultures relied on legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, local fruit and vegetables, and whole grains for their main foods.  The health of our people has certainly declined in the ages of the modern diet.  Something as simple as juicing or green smoothies can rapidly increase health.


#3 Connect With Your Source.  In every culture, and in every walk of life, there is a name that we give to a spirit much bigger than our understanding; God, Creator, Great Spirit, Goddess…all the same.  Your every cell is connected.  There is no great search, no great epiphany, you are a part of the Source in every aspect of your very being.  Connecting with what is bigger than us is imperative to knowing our place in the world and embracing our gifts for humanity.


#4 Move.  Yoga is my favorite way of exercising.  For a girl that does not even like the term exercise, yoga is a beautiful way to sneakily keep me in shape.  The movement, the stretching, the mantras, the peace, the focus on the poses keep me from overthinking, and my innate connection during yoga to my spirit is invigorating, a beautiful dance of health and balance.  Try Kundalini yoga.  Pick up some videos from the library.  An at-home practice can change your life.

Besides yoga, walk more, park further, take more stairs, go dancing, tell your body it is amazing.


#5 Use Plant Medicine.  Pharmaceuticals have side effects.  The pharmaceutical companies are not in business to help mankind.  They are in it for money.  Period.  Doctors don’t know everything.  They are not God.  Plant medicines heal, not just cover.  Your body is an amazing network of synergistic movement and life specifically intended to heal itself.  Plants help it do so.  Find a plant healer.  Find an herb book.  Find your inner doctor.  Heal thyself.


#6 Savor Relationships.  Life is fleeting and we all know that we could wake up and be without our great loves.  Though I do enjoy being a recluse, I also enjoy my time laughing with friends, and visiting elders.  Relationships, friendships, love, it is beloved medicine for the psyche.  (And don’t waste a moment with people who do not love you just exactly how you are.)


#7 Pursue Your Intended Work.  You will never be truly happy until you are pursuing your intended work.  Whether it be a poet or artist, or a teacher or farmer, follow your calling.  Follow your hobbies.  Follow your gifts.  Those that make you fully alive and excited.  Play your music, heal your people, adopt those babies, arrange the flowers, open a restaurant.  Follow your path.  It’s not too late.


#8 Admonish Stress.  Or as much as possible.  It is imperative.  Stress is the springboard and magnifier of chronic disease.  From cancer to anxiety, stress and trauma can unleash disease and debility.  There are many ways to control stress.  Remember that stress is supposed to be a protection device, a fight or flight, adrenaline, to help you get out of a bad situation.  Stress all of the time can illuminate a life not on its intended journey.

Save money, two bucks, two thousand, whatever.  Make a point to save some money.  Write a  journal.  Keep track of emotions.  Laugh more!  Be outdoors, follow your passions, eat healthy…all of these things relate and intertwine with each other.


#9 Live with an animal.  Sharing life with a creature that loves and depends on you helps take the spotlight off oneself.  Animals, from chickens to guinea pigs, have been shown to lower stress levels and bring a smile to one’s face.


#10 Repeat this Mantra.  Put your right hand over your heart.  Put your left hand over your belly.  Now say to yourself with utmost feeling, “I love you, I love you, I love you, You are beautiful.”  Note how a smile creeps over your face.  Note the changes in your body.  You are healing.

By incorporating these ten simple things into your life you will notice an amazing transformation.  Your body will heal.  Your spirit will heal.  Your life will be the shining glory it was always meant to be.  Perfect health is perfect balance and the notation of beauty everywhere, especially within.

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  1. Thank you for this and other wonderful articles I have forwarded to a few friends. I came upon your herb shop thru visiting Magic Dog. It was a Monday and you were not there. But I will be back.


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