The New Notebook


The pink leather notebook, fresh and empty of ideas, lay open upon the wooden breakfast table near the wood stove.  Ideas flourished and manifested across the pages.  The intensely planted garden of organic produce, the small dairy, the ducks, the chickens, the sheep, the goats, the bees, the homesteading school, the farmgirl classes, the herbal classes, the life of ease and freedom while working diligently as we were made to do.  Ahh, it was all a beautiful theory and started to come alive.  Our dreams jumping from the page and dancing across the old homestead floor.

The problem, of course, were the rented homesteads, which are risky at best, heart wrenching at worst, and off we went on an adventure far from homesteading that you may have followed on, or by my words in person, or in glimpses on this blog.

Two years from the mark of diligently planning and writing how we would be successful homesteaders (goodness, where has the time gone?), and plotting and working for it ever since, the universe now whispers, “My dear child, it’s time to get a new notebook.”  This time we won’t be renting.

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