A Family Halloween Party


The night sky started to darken as shoots of violet painted the sky.  The great sun fell asleep behind the mountain and the spooks began to arrive!

We love traditions.  When the children grew up the traditions changed.  We had to become more flexible.  Perhaps this is more fun.  We now have the kids’ partners and of course Miss Maryjane to create even more fun festivities.  As all mamas know, it is hard to get all the grown children in one place.  Work schedules and life can be formidable but when we all get to gather together in the glow of lamp light sharing a meal, what joy overflows.  Memories are made and life is all the sweeter.

When the children were little we had a tape of Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse singing fun Halloween songs.  I always opted to decorate and celebrate in more of a Disney Halloween rather than horror movie Halloween!  Which Witch is Which and Howl Like a Werewolf were common and memorized songs that filled the car and living room dance floor.  I found the CD on the internet and promptly purchased it.  Watching Maryjane dance around howling created laughter and the adults found themselves howling a bit too!  I also found our favorite Halloween movie, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” on DVD.  We had about worn out the VCR tape.  Hearing Bing Crosby’s smooth vibrato narrating the classic scene always makes us happy.

Our traditional “Pumpkin Hamburgers” which are not pumpkin or hamburger are always on the October menu.  Veggie burgers with American cheese with faces cut into them make delicious fare for this spooky time of year.

Pumpkins transform into their creative beings and fun is had all around.

There is nothing better in life than gathering with loved ones.  I hope this inspires you to throw a simple party and create holiday memories!  Happy Halloween! Boo!