Ode to the Town We Do Not Yet Know


We strolled along the lamp lit walk.  The water gently waltzed by.  Boats docked for the season.  Lovers walked hand in hand.  Families with children running around laughed and talked on their evening ventures.  Elders walked their dogs.  ‘Twas a fine autumn evening as we explored the city we do not know.  It reminded us of Venice with the gondolas and the bridges.  Jazz schmoozed its way out of a restaurant and patio on the river and filled the air, inviting, welcoming.

An hour and thirty minutes south of our shop is a small city with prices from 1992.  It is where we are looking to set up our new homestead.  Plenty of shows to do along the corridor towards our shop, close enough to our shop to be there a day or two a week while our beautiful daughter manages it.  Perfect.  Our old life back, or better, just over the hill.


I was mesmerized by the architecture. The city remains much as it did in its 19th century heyday.

The climate is different than what we are used to.  So close, yet warmer, a two month longer growing season, and far less snow.  It is 2000 feet lower than our present home as well.  The city has a fine cultural, art, food, and up and coming appeal.  The houses we are looking at are by the zoo.  The town is quite literally separated by tracks.  We saw some houses on the “wrong side”.  The city has a bad reputation.  I have never actually heard anything good about it.  I grew up in Colorado but still had not ventured past a breakfast place on our way to New Mexico in this town.  We’ll have to adjust to city life.  Chickens allowed, no goats.  Large yards just longing to become pumpkin patches.  The folks here grew up here, are friendly and helpful, and a world awaits for us.


Zebulon Pike is a great uncle in my line and it was really something to read snippets of his journal etched into the Riverwalk.


This statue is completely made of metal. It is the most beautiful and intricate piece we have ever seen.

How beautiful to dream as we walk hand-in-hand along the river.


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