Little Infusions of Joy


JpegI don’t have to tell you about the hustle and bustle of life.  Seems we can worry ourselves to pieces over myriads of things and ever changing new notions.  But truly life is a menagerie of memories seen in moving pictures and snapshots.  Waiting for a loan to go through or a job change or money for a bill will surely not be remembered when all is said and done.  But the glimpses of what makes life fine will remain and hold us in our final hours.  Capturing those memories and seeking out small moments may be the key to a life of happiness.


Indeed, many of our newer snapshots we will treasure are the moments we get to spend with our granddaughter, Maryjane Rose, who is a perfect whirl of sassy, intelligent, loving, and fun.  Letting her cook when she is over, hearing her sweet little voice yell, “Hi, Pa!” when he arrives home to see the little chef on a chair pulled up to the counter.  Moments snuggling.  And the times she takes three decades off of us and jumping in a pile of leaves seems a fine idea!  Memorizing moments with our loved ones or time captured alone in nature or with a good book make life joyous and fulfilling.


Among the simplest of luxuries and moments we can give ourselves is a lovely bath after a long day.  1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of sea salt, a great drizzle of olive oil, some soapy bubbles, candles, a bit of Celtic Christmas music.  (It’s not too early for me!)  Every time we get stirred up, let’s simmer down and enjoy the sweetest things before us, warm baths, good books, fine walks in the autumn light, time with loved ones, and the breath we receive each day.

May sweet memories find you today.