The Farm at the Fork in the Road

“Follow your heart!” we always hear.  We nod our heads and follow our dreams, plan our course, pursue our greatest ideas.  But, what if you want to follow your heart and it has a fork in the road?  What if following your heart tears your heart a part?  What if following your heart leads you to two different places?  You set up an urban farm at the fork in the road, that’s what you do!


Our hearts will forever lead us to New Mexico.  That place of beauty and desert and sound and culture and red chili.  We breathe deeper, dream bigger, eat better, and are fully inspired and in love walking the dusty trails in New Mexico.  We can afford to live in New Mexico.  Our business would be welcomed in New Mexico.  What is keeping us from there?

Oh, you know, three children that even though are grown fill our hearts with near obsessed love.  And of course our granddaughter, who has brought a renewed sense of joy and purpose to our lives.  The thought of not being near our kids brings with it a pit in our stomachs that keeps us from skipping down the highway to Santa Fe.  We love gathering all together when we can.  Popping in and surprising our Andy at his work.  Attending all of his music shows.  Seeing Emily and Shyanne every day.  Playing with our baby while Emily is at work.  These things we could not give up.  But we cannot afford to live in the Denver area or outskirts either.

We gasped for air at the fork in the road wondering what we should do.  What do we do?  The universe drumming her fingers in impatience waited until we thought it through.  For she had a plan all along, you know.  Our children won the battle between the two and I googled “houses for under a hundred thousand in Colorado”.  Preposterous, yes?  Not since the mid-nineties.  Pueblo scattered across the screen.


Chili capital of Colorado, a mid-point between our children and New Mexico. A weekend in Taos as accessible as a few days at our shop each week (Shyanne perfectly capable to cover the other three days while we are at market).  The girls live east of the Springs so it is no further from them than Elizabeth.  Two month longer growing season, less snow, a thriving city with art and culture, and homes priced in our range.


We looked around the fork in the road and saw a perfectly good spot to set up an urban farm.  The best of both worlds and we followed our hearts.  I do hope you follow yours today.  It is what makes life so grand.  The doors will open.