January 1, 2017


Sometimes in the whispers of your spirit you can hear what your body and mind need.  I need more rest.  More quiet.  To listen.  This year I want to listen to what the wind says.  What the birds sing.  The symbols the rain drums.  Soak up the warmth of the sun.  Revel in the night sky.  Watch the blinding palette of snow.  Respect the hail.  Smell the earth.  Watch as life pulsates and pushes through the soil.  Becoming a student of nature means more quiet, more calm, more present moments, more wisdom.  Through nature we find peace, clarity, answers.  Mother nature provides anti-anxiety medicine along her paths, anti-depressants among her colors.  And many lessons.  Ones I seek.

It is an idea that whispered to me in my quest to respect the rest and calm my being has requested.  To record each day’s lessons from nature.  Photographs, dreams, ideas, whispers from the earth and sky and the spirits in everything that surrounds us.  Bringing my feet back to the ground to study and listen.  I wish to share these moments of clarity and wisdom with you.  Each day we shall journey upon the earth to listen, to learn, to restore our hearts, to restore our peace of mind, and to return as close to our natural state of being as possible.  That place in nature that we must return to in order to heal and find our true selves.

I hope you will join me.  And please feel free to write in your own lessons from nature each day.  Let our dreams and resolutions this year revolve around that quiet space where we are aware and in love.  Where we can see the path clearly.