January 2, 2017-Winds of Change and Rest


A wildly large slate bird sweeps into view and dives towards the water.  We run to try and see a glimpse of it.  Who was that?  But it has vanished from sight.


The colors here draw us into silence.  We have never seen this palette.  The sky is iridescent blue with clouds trotting briskly by.  The deep indigos and violets of the mountains set against the forest emerald of the water.  Then the monochromatic painting stark against it, the land of still beige and gold and light.


The wind begins to blow fiercely from its northern post.  When winds come from the north, prepare for bitter cold.  Yet we cannot seem to walk away.


Sea gulls and…there it is again!  We run to see if we can meet him as he dives deftly towards the lake.  But he vanishes keeping mysteries from us for now.  My mind runs through files and I think him to be one of the guardians that we saw in San Diego here on Lake Pueblo.  He seems large for a pelican.  But this place is filled with wonder as the winds of change blow in the new year.  They shift and move us into a place of enchantment.


The north wind reminds us to rest, heal, and restore.  Each plant encourages stillness as they build strength and beauty for the seasons to come.