January 4, 2017-As Perfect as Nature

Does a flower look at its petals and wonder if it is still beautiful?  Does it look around and see what the others look like?


Walking down a lovely path, if a tree is old, does it not look more beautiful?  More enchanting?  Do you place your ear upon its bark to listen to its innate wisdom?

Each plant is lovely in its intricacy, in its own way of growing, flowering, and even dying.  Each leaf, each stem perfect in its design.  Magnificent creations sketched into reality.


Then are we not as perfect and beautiful as each element?  Coming from the earth and stars as each thing in nature is, are we less beautiful because we wear no makeup?  Because we are getting older?  Does a Cottonwood notice a new wrinkle, the sagging of old leaves, the hunching of old branches?

Then am I as lovely as the next without makeup, without hair curls, and polish?  Without care or worry, this body that holds my soul on lease and carries my spirit around, it is really a perfect specimen if I look at it as a particle of nature.  It gave life to three other spirits.  From blue eyes it lets me see.  From long limbs it helps me feel.


What a very different view we might have if we see ourselves equally as beautiful as the rest of creation.