January 5, 2017-Capturing Enchantment


The sun peeks through the clouds as if it were the moon.  The mist is slightly light and frost colors the landscape in iridescent glow.  I pull the car over to the side of the road and jump out.  I am a child.  The things that enchanted me as a small girl I strive to seek today.  That feeling in my heart, the breath that catches at such simple beauty, what I race by each morning.   Nature calls in silent wonder to my inner child.  Such joy found in the intricate patterns of frost (Jack Frost was here!), in the unfolding leaves of spring, of moons bright and stars twinkling, in soil moving with worms beneath, the sun warm on my face after feeling cold for some time.  My inner child wants to run through the field with my granddog.  Wants to trace the snowflake design with my finger.  I want to catch snowflakes and dance in the rain and feel sand in my toes and the smell of sap rising, my nose against Ponderosa bark.  To stop my car on the side of the road to take in a frost colored scene that creates a breath, an exhale, a calm spirit.  To capture the enchantment of everyday life with a joyous spirit.


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