January 6, 2017-A Spot of Earth


JpegThe earth is alive.  You can feel her breathing, see her life embedded deep within her every cell.  Fungi and biodiversity and the return of all living matter to her womb, to be born again into structures of spirit and breath.  There is nothing quite like sitting under a tree, eyes closed, feeling the sun on one’s face, feeling the grass beneath hands feeling for balance, the sound of birds singing and of scampering mammals.

One whole organism, the earth, yet so many facets to her face.  Oceans of pulsating depth and calming sound, of mountains violet afar and lush within, deserts hot and dry and magical, each place an enchanting respite of lessons and life.

Thursday we move into our homestead.  Our very own homestead.

“Did you ask permission?” David asked me last year when I wanted to reopen an apothecary.  Did you ask the plants and earth if you can work there?”  I had never thought of that.  But I did stand upon his land and ask if I could work and live around here and use the plants here.  And a beautiful apothecary came to be.  Now a homestead waits to be planted and loved.  A place we asked permission to use, to have, to lease from the Earth.  The very idea that we could buy a house is as amazing as us reopening an apothecary.  They just came out of the ashes.  We didn’t pick them, they chose us.

I cannot wait to meet the patch of earth that has chosen me.  The plants and trees that reside there.  The sleeping rose bushes.  The flora I do not recognize yet.  The way the earth breathes and changes.  I am honored to be able to use a patch of land upon the face of this glorious earth.

What is the land around you like?

7 thoughts on “January 6, 2017-A Spot of Earth

  1. I’m very happy for you! May you root and thrive.

    I see the earth as an organism too, just as the homestead is and just as I am. The effect on our worldview when we come to that realization is profound.


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