January 7, 2017-Morning Flame


The rose colored candle burns brightly at dawn.  A calming connection and daily ceremony filled with the gratitude of waking up, another day here, the sun gently rising, the mountains cloaked in color, a new day awaits.  Gratitude streams from the heart, thank you for my family, warmth, good work, and health.  My granddaughter climbs on my lap and begins in child innocence a flurry of thanks.  Eyes half closed she waves her hand over the candle, “Wado (thank you in Cherokee) for mama, for Pa, for Grammie, for our house, for food, for noji (pine tree in Cherokee…she loves pine trees)…”  Her prayer lively and sweet, from the very depths of her spirit.

A lovely way to start the day, in whispers of gratitude and prayer.  A simple candle as the day begins can set the stage for a beautiful day.