January 8, 2017- Unseen Helpers


A bird nibbles on seeds from a sunflower.  Hunched over in the snow the sleeping plant offers food for the flitting birds.  The animals find food and water and shelter and listen to their instincts and the wild and trust their senses.  Wouldn’t we too be wise to strip away modern day living to see that we have food, as simple as it needs to be, and a warm place from severe weather?  We have at least a companion in this world and work we were designed to do.  All the things we do scurrying about, worrying about things that have no matter in the whole scheme of the universe whatsoever.

We can all think of many times (every day if we were to be honest) where the doors open on opportunity and place without anything we do.  Same with doors closing.  The universe moving us gently along while we stay in our minds of chaos and worry.  If we were to put our hands on the bare ground.  Take a breath.  Trust the spirits and Creator and know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  And we will have supper today.  And the world helps each other out as we all make our way along our journey