January 10, 2017-Grandfather Wind


I watched a long swath of thick ice from windows up high.  Watching it as a shadow continually rolled across its surface.  Not cloud, or sun, nor shadow of tree, a very real shadow of wind.

It blows fiercely, practically maniacal in its depth.  Its face rolling across the ice in fury.

I have never in my life seen wind so angry.  Its ferocity rattles me, from inner ear to soul.

It winds up and slams against the walls of these high buildings, like a giant bull stuck in an enclosure, shaking the structures to their core.  A gentle respect for the wind escapes my lips.

Whether it bring warmth or snow, we do not yet know.  Maybe just cleaning the air.  One thing is clear, the elements of Mother Nature are much more powerful than we.  To respect their powers, for wind, the breaths of fresh air or destruction to us wake, I utter words of softness and watch in amazement as in the ice I see the wind’s awesome face.

-I wrote this yesterday before I heard of the semi trucks scattered along the highway on their sides, the roofs ripped off, trees uprooted, all from the wind.  Let us today acknowledge that we are but human and walk a bit softer on the Earth’s surface today.