January 11, 2017- Messages From Beyond


As my beloved friend, Kat, lay in that blasted hospital bed, I thought of every possible way to get her out of there.  I can be her caregiver!  I can help her!  It’s not time to cross over the veil!  Too young!  One of my only closest friends…this cannot be.

I took a deep breath and said, “Send us a sign that you crossed over alright.  Something to do with a cat…”  I couldn’t think of anything particular.  Can those passed over move coffee cups?  Or…well, I didn’t know and I didn’t want to come up with something preposterous so I left it at that.  Maryjane began to entertain her and we stood  in mostly silence in the bewilderment of the moment.

A few weeks later she crossed the veil.  Left us all in a wake of sadness.  For she was one of the loveliest, sweetest, most beautiful souls I have had the honor of knowing.  It wasn’t but a few days later that I open my phone and there on the feed of Facebook is a display of books that someone snapped a photo of and felt like sharing that had a book with large letters stating “CAT” right smack in the middle of it.  Hmm, surely coincidence, but I hoped not.

Rodney, her son, sent me a photo a few days later from a store with a display and in the middle were three huge letters, “CAT”.  It seemed an odd centerpiece.  And then, just to make sure we got the message, a young calico kitten found her way to Rodney and Pat’s house.  Her name is Kat.

It seemed the whole universe moved and altered so that we could have those messages.  Trust messages from your guides and ancestors.  Maybe don’t worry so much about things today, for the entire universe moves and swirls to help you get where you are supposed to be, and see and meet whom you need, and your care seems to be of great importance.

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