January 12, 2017- Full Wolf Moon and Life with Wolves


The Full Wolf Moon was named by the tribes and villagers in the cold stillness of January because the only sound during the full moon was the howling of wolves in the distance.

I had three wolves when I was a young woman and they made an incredible impression on me.  My son, Andrew, was very small and was raised with them.  My very own Mowgli.  He walked on all fours, climbed out windows, ran around naked in the front yard, and howled at sirens the same as the wolves.

Navajo was the wolf that I had as a cub and Andrew and he were a very close pack indeed.  They went everywhere together, including right out the gate to walk around the neighborhood, Andy in nothing but a diaper.  As I ran around the block panicked, I came across a construction crew who told me they were going to approach but the wolf wouldn’t let anyone near!  I had to put locks on the gates as the toddler and the wolves could open them.

Watching Andy sitting on Navajo, or snuggling with him was everything against what modern society taught us about wolves.  Forest, Jade, and Navajo will always be in my heart.  The sound of their howls, the feeling in my chest as their notes rose and fell, was hauntingly beautiful.  I was able to mimic their various speeches and could communicate quite well.

I have always felt that wolves were one of my spirit animals.  When it came time to name my herbal pharmacy, White Wolf Medicine was a name that my friend, who is a Comanche medicine person, and I came up with separately.  We had the same idea when we conversed and it was obvious that this would be the new name of my medicine place.

This morning was the full moon in all her winter glory, shining, which in the Farmer’s Almanac means that we will have plenty of rain and a bountiful year of harvests.

So tonight, take a moment to go outside.  Lift your chin.  Howl from the depths of your soul.  Hear the spirit of the wolf answer back.


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