January 13, 2017-Lessons from a Disabled Cat


clara-3This is the marvelous Clara Belle.  She resides at the shop.  It is possible you have not seen her.  She is very shy and she is unable to jump on furniture.  After eleven and a half years, Shyanne sent me this picture of Clara at the shop yesterday.  But, I am getting ahead of myself…

A mother cat and her newborn kittens were abandoned in an apartment and were not found for awhile.  By the time the apartment complex was able to rescue them and get them to the shelter, the cats all had severe cases of conjunctivitis (eye infections).  They were fostered and nursed back to health in foster care.

Doug and I were at Cat Care society and were playing with a bunch of rowdy, adorable black kittens.  Doug was wiggling a string and they would pounce.  A kitten much smaller than the rest came up to play.  With her crossed eyes, she lifted her paw to swipe, and landed three inches from the string.  Oh, she was so cute.  It was love at first sight.

Frankie and Louie (the other two at the shop) were only two months older.  They would jump from window to table to desk to chair playing.  I soon noticed that Clara couldn’t jump.  As she got older we noticed her pigeon toes, her spinal injury, and her strange gait.  If she ran she looked like a Chinese Dragon, one side going one way, the back half going another.

Clara cried incessantly at night for weeks to be held.  Anyone who doesn’t think cats are emotional has never walked the floor with a new kitten.  Clara has always been very sensitive.  For the first five years she never left our bedroom.  She would venture out in our Kiowa house but would be gone in a blink if anyone came over.  Our friend, Kat, was our pet sitter and even after staying there a week had not met her!

When we were homeless and living with David we had our cats combined with his cats and Clara and the twins, Frankie and Louie, weren’t happy.  So they came to live at the shop where the orange twins basked in the attention of customers while Clara would only come out if we were alone.  Until it was time to prepare for ceremony.


As I was preparing for a ceremony for someone, I sprinkled tobacco in a circle around the space creating a ring.  She ran out and rolled in it.  “Clara!” She wouldn’t leave.  Each time someone comes for ceremony, as soon as she hears the cedar being lit, she comes out and stands next to them.  Even a couple who brought in their dog was not enough to deter her from her work.  She stood out of reach and stared intently at the couple being smudged and prayed over.  A few weeks ago she got enough momentum to get into the chair that I was preparing for a young man that needed ceremony.  I took a picture because I didn’t think my family would believe me!


In Celtic history cats, especially black cats, have been revered as helpers to reach beyond the veil.  To speak to loved ones that have passed over.  To help protect those around.  Clara is one of those cats.


Shyanne wrote, “Check your email, I sent you some pictures that are quite peculiar.”  And there was Clara on the table.  Quite proud of herself, and rather social, I told Shyanne that I swear that shop is healing Clara.  So, if you come into our shop you may just get a glimpse of our magical kitty.  She is magnificent.

Lessons from Clara:

#1 Even if you had a difficult start in life, it is no reason to let it keep you from loving again.

#2 Be cautious about energies and people but love with all your heart when you find your tribe.

#3 It is never to late to heal.

#4 Find places and people that fuel healing.  Emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical states can all be strengthened and healed in the right atmosphere.

#5 Be open minded.

Have a lovely, magical day today, Friends.


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