January 14, 2017-Trusting Circumstances


Lost keys.  A frustrating ordeal indeed.  Doug had them in his hands and then in a split second in the middle of the parking lot they disappeared.  We searched in vain for a good hour.  Tore the apartment apart, dug through boxes, trucks, the Uhaul, pockets, coats we hadn’t worn in years.

Our friend, Ingrid, was helping us and by now was thirty minutes away.  We asked her to check her car.  The keys were in a basket.  I felt bad that she had to come all the way back to give us the keys then head out again.

An hour later on the highway all cars came to a halt.  A hawk soared over my car.  An accident a few miles up was keeping us from moving.  Three cars.  Not us.

The morning of 9-11 there were many cases of alarm clocks not going off, unexpected traffic jams, many frustrated people not getting to the twin towers.  Now, we will never understand and can feel great anger about when scenarios are a part of someone’s journey, but we can certainly be grateful when it is not a part of our journey that day.

I whispered good wishes to those in the accident as we passed.  It took a long time to get where we were going, but we did.  And I will always be grateful for the aggravating moments of absolutely unexplained circumstances that keep us on our journey.