January 15, 2017-Sea Gull Dance

Our last day at the apartment I was stopped by an unusual sight.  There were two large sea gulls circling right outside my balcony.  They were so close I could see each detail of their firm, smooth bodies.  If they were any closer they would have been inside!  As I stood there mesmerized, a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth, one turned its head and looked right into my eyes.


I finished brushing my teeth and looked up sea gulls spirit guide to see what the message was.  While I was researching sea gulls I read an interesting piece.  When sea gulls are seen en masse swirling in the air in a chaotic circle a storm is approaching.

Yesterday as we drove home we looked up into the hurricane of sea gull activity.  I remembered what I heard and sure enough this morning we woke to a peaceful covering of snow.

What else can we learn about the environment around us by watching wildlife and nature?