January 18, 2017- Smudging Words


I was taught and I have taught how to smudge.  That is to place herbs in a shell or bowl and burn them using the smoke to cleanse spaces, reach the heavens with prayers, and reset a place or person’s energy.  A blend of sage, cedar, sweet grass, and tobacco is a perfect balance, effectively working the space.

Sage dispels negativity and bad energies but cannot be used on its own as it opens portals.  It needs sweet grass to reenergize with positivity.  Tobacco is an offering to the great Creator and cedar is very pleasing to the spirits, those of nature and ancestors.  Remember, it is not just you and God verses evil here.  That is not how it works.  There are many helpful spirits in everything around you.  In the trees, the animals, the winged ones, loved ones that passed over, and in the elements.  There are many helpers.

I was taught and I have taught that one uses their smudge to clear an area or person using words like, protection, clearing, dispel, help

As I was making my way around the perimeter of my property I found myself chanting the same words, “Protect this space, please clear any negative energies…” as if there were already lots of bad things there.

I stopped.

Shouldn’t smudging be more of a gratitude?  Wouldn’t words of light and positivity do the same or more than words of negativity?  What if we switched our words?

“Thank you for this space, thank you for this house, this person, this light filled peaceful place, this protected area, this beautiful land…”  We would still dispel negative energies, protect the space, and help people fighting dark, but in a much more effective and joyous way.

How much more powerful would our words and actions be?

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