January 21, 2017-The Real Way to Spread Peace


I grew up in a law enforcement family.  My dad was Division Chief of the Denver Sheriff’s Department and retired as a proud, tired chief who was at the rallies and riots and events that saw the downtown streets.  My brother is a trainer at the academy.  He has a beautiful wife and three young children.  My sister is in corrections.

These protests often turn to riots and the animosity towards law enforcement and ideals that have yet to be seen or come about make me nervous for all the people involved.  We have allowed social media and rogue news sources to ignite fear into us.  Just as a movie can make you to desire a particular ending, lead your hopes, ignite your fears with music and sound, and run your emotion, the media and mass fear continues to divide us.

We need light.  Peace.  Love.  Trying to overthrow the government and protesting the president is not the way to that.  That is tyranny and hate.  I beseech you, when you read something on facebook, is it real?  When you read a news story, is it slanted?  Is someone causing someone else physical harm?  Is it on both sides?  Have we speculated and “what if’d” ourselves into a frenzy?


Stand back.  Take a breath.  Look around you.  Let this moment in this space not be infiltrated by the outside world.  Right now, create light, say hello to your neighbors, light a candle and say a prayer for love for all people, smile at people, hug people.  Today the way to be a peace keeper and light worker is to spread light around you, quietly and simply.  It will make a profound difference.

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