January 22, 2017- A Happy Day Checklist


Sometimes we wake up and the world just seems overwhelming.  Stuck in past thoughts, lost loved ones, things to do, trying to hold onto faith that finances will be alright, that health will be alright, that our children will be alright, that our world will be alright.  Pair that with the annual Seasonal Affective Disorder that affects so many people this time of year that SAD is a household name.  It can be tough trying to connect with nature when it is cold outside and we have to be to work.  It can be hard to see magic when we are stressed about other things.  Here is a checklist to do today.  It will alter your mood and the moods of those around you and will help propel the day into a more beautiful existence.

#1 Close your eyes.  Breathe deeply.  Calm your heartbeat.  Center yourself.  Think of 5 people.  Individually think of each person, hug them, send them light, send them positive energy, pray that they have an amazing day and that they feel loved.

#2 Compliment 5 people today.  “I love your sweater!”  “You have the best smile!”  Et cetera.  Because we are all often stuck in the same thinking pattern.  Just by making someone smile and sending them positivity can change everything.  Just as anger or stress is contagious, so is happiness and hope.

#3 Do 5 things for yourself.  Do you need an extra five minute break to tilt your face to the sun?  Maybe an extra cup of coffee.  Or a chapter of a book.  Or a nourishing salad.  A warm bath.  Have someone rub olive oil into your back.  Write a poem.  A letter.  Something that requires you to slow down a little and embrace the day.

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  1. Kathy Peters says:

    I so needed to hear this today. Thank you.


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