January 24, 2017- Circadian Rhythms


I greet Father Sun each morning.  His beautiful rays of pastels and fire rising through the trees wakes my spirit and brings joy to my heart.  In the background I hear my husband snoring.  He was up half the night tending to the fire.  We have different circadian rhythms.  All I knew for the first half of our marriage was that I was a morning person (and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why he wouldn’t get up!) and he was a night owl (who couldn’t figure out for the life of him why I broke down if we were out past ten!).

Understanding and respecting the great circadian rhythm can make things much easier.  Each person has an internal clock.  Couples will often be the opposite of each other.  I do my best writing and work early in the morning.  I love the quiet of the dawn, the gentle ticking of the clock as my background noise.  The birds waking with me.  The earthiness of coffee fueling my words and thoughts.  I need quiet in the morning to reset and find my way.  I also break down in tears and irrational emotion if I stay out too late.  We have been a part of many a pool team that probably wondered about Doug’s wife!  I am a fun and decent pool player until nine o’clock.  Then I turn into something all together different and it ain’t pretty.

Doug is a night owl.  He doesn’t want to talk about all serious things in the morning.  His best thinking and resetting is at night when the house is quiet, save for cats scattering here and there and cuddling on his lap.  He works better in the shadows and could do without seeing the bright lights of the morning sun.

So we do our best talking in the late morning and early afternoon.  We can plan, dream, hash out, and get work done together best then.  For so many years I thought we ought to be on the same schedule.  But I now understand the natural differences and savor my time in the mornings.  I’ll stay out late here and there with the help of coffee and he will be up at the crack of dawn for farmers markets (also with the help of coffee!).

If you are a morning person, try to get your creative work and the bulk of your hard analytical work done before noon.  If you are a night person you are best suited for afternoon and night.  What are you?