January 25, 2017-Hawthorn and Reality


I think that social media might be poisoning me.  I stopped reading the news a long time ago but now with Facebook I see not only news, but fake news too.  It makes me question relationships and makes me ride an emotional roller coaster of laughter then stark anger.  The whole thing is so destructively addictive too.  Like I am stuck in a reality television show.

Out here I find reality.  A small falcon takes flight overhead and her slight frame is dwarfed by the gulls swooping around above her.  The geese move in groups from the lake, to the lake, around the lake.  A grand hawk watches from the top of a dead tree.  A group of birds we do not know sing from the trees, a wren like large bird with a white tail.  Handsome varieties of ducks we do not know either swim and bob and play.  They care nothing for social media as their peaceful expressions prove.

We walked four miles around the lake and park.  Hawthorn trees ring the space, their red bark, sharp two inch thorns, and bare branches stand in graceful arabesque, still lifes around the bank.  There was a path made by children to a hollowed out tree.  Some of the hawthorn had been trampled down.  We asked permission and with nary a pull, received the root stalk of a young tired tree.  I do hope the hawthorn will grow for us.

Hawthorn is powerful heart medicine, spiritually and physically.  Just what we need in this world today.