January 26, 2017-Fear


Fear may be the most detrimental emotion in the history of our world.  It causes people to turn to hate.  It causes us to lose hope.  It is often irrational and turns into frenzy.  During the witch trials it was the midwives, herbalists, and energy healers that made up the majority of the accused.  People believed that if someone had the ability to heal, they also had the ability to harm.  These people were called witches.  From the holocaust to Japanese internment camps to more subtle fears like financial stability, emotional hurt, and the dreaded “what if’s”, fear can cause us to lose our footing, our peace of mind, our contentment, and the beauty of our journey.  Religion keeps us fearful.  News keeps us fearful.  Why?  Because it makes us lose our power.


Today, think about what you fear.  Analyze it.  Write it down.  Destroy it.  What, to you, is the opposite of fear?

2 thoughts on “January 26, 2017-Fear

  1. Good thought provoking question. My instinctive answer to the opposite of fear is to embrace. …Hmmmm will be thinking about this.


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