January 27, 2017-The Wise Person


The wise person knows their place.

Their place is of worth and of value.

They have culminated all of their experiences into a resourceful guide.

The wise person does not harbor regrets.

The wise person does not hold onto anger.

The wise person does not let harmful, sad, unknown events yet to come, or other negativity run in movies through their mind.

The wise person does not hold onto the bad times in their life, but rather uses those times as teachers, and instead looks to the sun and the birds, and places bare feet on the earth for stability.

The wise person consults with nature and finds clarity every time.

The wise person is quiet.  There is a quiet strength in their silence.  They have no reason to run their words in circles, loudly shushing the crowd.  They listen to learn, because the wise person feels they have much to record still.

The wise person shows gratitude, humility, and grace towards guests, hosts, food, life, and Creator.

You will find them in sweet contemplation and observation.

If you ask, they will teach you all they know.  But you must ask.

And find the wise person within.