January 28, 2017-The Worry Wart


I am not sure when I caught it.  Doug used to have it, perhaps he gave it to me.  It must have been when he had that nervous breakdown all those years ago and I took over the finances.  Yes, that was when I caught it.  The financial worry wart.

Now I know, and I continually remind myself, that we are fine.  We are always fine.  We never seem to have much extra, but we do get enough for what we need at the last minute.  In all the years of my writing down figures, laying in bed running numbers, writing plans, and calculating, not once has it ever added up to reality!  Yet, here we still are.  Bills paid.  Knot in my stomach about making enough.

Last night as I stared at the ceiling, I closed my eyes and muttered a prayer.  I saw my friend, Nancy.  I remembered how she used to worry about keeping her farm.  How she would make it.  All our hair-brained schemes.  She stressed about money, but once she passed away quickly and young, it didn’t matter anymore.  And I realized all the times worrying about money are times that could be spent daydreaming, snuggling the three year old next to me, or smiling.

I absolutely know that the universe conspires every minute to help us along our journey.  That I am doing the work I was intended to do.  That we are fine.  More than fine.  So, how do we overcome irrational worry?

What do you do to release worry?