January 29, 2017- The Rock People


My granddaughter still sees the magic of every day.  She tends to a large family of rocks that she and I have picked up here and there that reside on the wood stove.  We have rock people in the car, rock people in our pockets, and rock people in the house.

“Rock people!,” Maryjane exclaims as she attempts to corral the rocks back into the medians in parking lots.  Apparently they have been trying to escape.


All original cultures knew that anything that casts a shadow has a spirit.  Indeed, rocks are the oldest spirits around, and they travel long distances in their lives.  Stones and gems are used energetically to heal, protect, and bring clarity.  Stones move blockages in the body, help heal heart break, and help us on our journey.

I wish I knew more about stones and gems.  I am fascinated by them and would love for them to help me in my work if they were willing.  When I was little I had an extensive rock collection.  I had a few pieces of rose quartz.  I have always been very attracted to rose quartz.

As a teenager, I sadly gave up such things as child play, but I now seem to be reverting back.  Our family is incredibly careful with Maryjane in protecting her magic.  She knows the plants better than I do.  She makes teas at our shop for people that come in (she is not yet four years old).  She speaks to trees, birds, animals, and rock people.  I do not want her to forget as we did.  And in the meantime, I think I will get a book on gems and stones today.


What is your favorite stone, rock, or gem?  Did you have a rock collection?  Perhaps a stone will come into your line of vision today for you to place in your pocket.

3 thoughts on “January 29, 2017- The Rock People

  1. I am glad to know the world has people like Maryjane and her grandmother in it.

    I do have a rock collection–rocks that I have gathered over the years during travels and from around the farm. Some are the tools of ancient people, some are reminders of interesting places, some are merely pretty or unusual. They’re scattered about now–in my closet, on my desk and around the farm.

    I enjoy thinking about their and how patient they must be while waiting for their next move.


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