February 1, 2017- Imbolc


Imbolc (pronounced Im-Olg)is the first spring festival in the ancient Celtic agrarian calendar.  It translates to “ewe’s milk” or “in the belly”.  It refers to the sheep being pregnant.  Milk was often the first farm product of spring.  This was a special time for festivals, honoring the fire goddess, Brigid, and asking for blessings for bountiful crops and healthy animals.

This was a time for renewal, as spring time naturally denotes.  A beautiful, cleansing bath is a good ritual for this holiday.  Refresh and purify.

Today take a moment to light a white candle and sit quietly before it.  In a journal write what you wish you release.  I, personally, wish to release constant worry about finances, nagging, and being so affected emotionally by what others think.  I wish to be freer and to take back my power with faith and joy.

What does your new beginning look like?