February 2, 2017-Seeing Wonder in Fog


fogThe fog was so thick I could not see the firehouse looming on the right to signify my turn.  I found my way and continued through the woods nearly blinded in the mystical light.  The fog raised a little and the sun caught beneath the veil, the woods shrouded in enchantment.  I continued on my way towards home and drove through a curtain and into the light.  The sky was still all clouds and drear but it was lovely and comforting.  I went through another curtain into the most fantastic aura of sunset and pink, of silhouetted mountains and vast meadows glinting in the evening sun.  Then it went dark and the crescent moon and Mars with Venus played until the clouds came back in again.


Each stage of our journey contains a certain amount of mystery, of darkness, of confusion, of transition.  Each stage of our journey also holds a certain amount of wonder, of beauty, of light, and protection.  Just because you can’t see beyond, doesn’t mean there isn’t enough light in front of you to keep going.  Be enchanted by the fog.