February 3, 2017-Speaking Your Truth (your thoughts?)

truth-2Speak your truth.  I hear this mantra a lot.  A lovely thought.

In August I had a reiki session done.  One was all it took.  We were trying to find the source of my multi-week headache episodes.  For twenty plus years, my jaw had been askew.  As soon as she put her hand near my jaw, thoughts and images came rushing through.  Phlegm released from my lymph nodes, I could not speak.  That was the problem.  I do not speak.

I had to work through telling my body I was sorry I didn’t fight harder against abuse with my first relationship, that I don’t speak up for myself, and as all that was released, so did my jaw.  It is completely straight now and I haven’t had those types of headaches since.

Still, my lymph nodes in the back of my throat remain swollen.  I type things on social media than erase them.  Delete shared posts.  Don’t speak.  I don’t want to cause harm or sadness or anger to anyone.  I don’t want to rock the boat.  Yet, all these truths remain hidden.

What do they mean by speak your truth?  What truth?  Everyone seems to be drawn to tell me how they feel about Trump.  Yet I stay mute.  I’d love to tell them that I support Trump and I can see through all the ridiculous headlines and have done my research.  But, I stay mute.

Always fearful of affecting my business or friendships, I do not speak.

A customer and past student were in my shop this week.  I know they are pretty devote Christians, which I respect.  Maryjane brought out the tarot cards and wanted a reading right then!  I gasped and took them and threw them in my purse.  “She has her own tarot cards?” the woman exclaimed.   I did not speak.  Why did I hide them?  I use them in my work.  They are an invaluable resource in my intuition and healing practices.  I am not ashamed, just worried about what people think.

What is the line?  When do you speak your truth?  I know the swelling in my throat chakra is because I have stayed mute too long.  It is imperative I change that.  So I am a Libertarian Green Witch.  Those close to me probably already know that and don’t care.


What do you think “Speaking Your Truth” means?

5 thoughts on “February 3, 2017-Speaking Your Truth (your thoughts?)

  1. In a world where people can’t agree to disagree and still love and respect each other….. it’s hard at times to share each other’s truth. Because of fear, but I always have to remind myself that “God does not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and an sound mind” 2 TI’m 1:7
    So fear should NOT be anyone’s truth! Love God, Love people! I’m sure I have lots of things I don’t agree with you, but bottom line… I think you are a gifted healer, amazing tarot and trump loving, green witch libertarian!


  2. I don’t think I really answered the question about truth and it just “hit me”….
    I don’t think “what is your truth” really about what you believe in… it’s really what you believe about yourself. Your truth is about the positive things we believe about ourselves. .. Definitely NOT the negative. I always tell my neice who is a young struggling momma of two little ones. “You are more valuable than all the precious jewels in the world! ” She thinks she is worthless, but it is not true… that is not her truth! Listening to the good people say about us is our real truth! You are an amazing healer, talented, friendly, beautiful, inspiring, sympathatic,and soooo good to others no matter their background. You are truly a wonderful human!


    • I suppose knowing one’s worth helps balance what ought to be said and what not. When one is comfortable with themselves simply saying their opinion without sarcasm or attack to others is alright. Thank you, Liza. You are too sweet to me. ❤


  3. Hi Katie! Happy Monday. Thank you for this post!

    If you aren’t already exhausted by the subject, I would sincerely love an opportunity to hear another perspective and learn more behind how you feel regarding our current president from someone I love and respect.

    As a Bernie supporter, I believe your insights will further my journey in being able to empower people on all sides of the fence with whom I interact with daily.

    Thank you for considering! Christina

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