February 4, 2017- Spirit Animals


What is a spirit animal?  A spirit animal is a creature whose traits assist those in need, or who follow them their whole life. Each person will have one or a two…or three in my case, main spirit animals.  Those animals can be called on when one needs clarity, help, protection, or a particular trait.

There are spirit animals that are temporary that come to a person as needed.

My main animals are wolf, owl, and cat.


I wrote last month about Life With Wolves.  Each of those three wolves came to me under unusual circumstances and taught me valuable lessons.  Still, the call of a wolf will arise in me a primal excitement and alertness.  I call on them for help with pack matters, finding my way, and for comfort or solace.  If you have never been near a wolf, they are actually very cuddly and loving and protect fiercely with little more than a look.  I have dreamt of them and the wolf name keeps coming up in my life.  My shop is called White Wolf Medicine.


The owl comes to me every time there is a big change coming.  They will fly close to our car, gently call from a nearby tree while we are outside, sit outside our windows, come to us when we need to start packing or start preparing for a transition.  In many native cultures they represent death, but I believe that the death of a time or place is more accurate. When we lived on the rented farm that would eventually cause us to lose everything, including our dream, and head out on what turned out to be a great journey, five owls came close in the trees every morning as I sat out in the pasture meditating and praying.  I knew something big was coming.  I wondered how they would find me in the apartments to let us know we were moving, but one night we heard one fly by calling.  I started looking for moving boxes.


The cat is a Celtic spirit animal, not one that I ever considered a spirit animal because it is not a Native American one.  Most of my ancestors are of Celtic origin so the cat does make sense.  Looking back I see their protections, how they can be between the worlds, how they comfort, and love so fiercely.  I wrote about Clara, my cat at the shop who loves to assist with ceremonies.  So, that’s why I am a crazy cat lady!

Most people have one spirit animal.  What is yours?

The helpers work in your day to day life.  When we lived at our Hopi friend’s house we returned home to a beautiful buck standing there.  He would be near me as I put clothes on the line.  His job was to help me as I learned and became stronger in my spiritual practice.

A hawk flying overhead tells me to focus on something.  Notice when you see an animal a lot.  One is always in your line of sight, or moves close to you, or one you dream of.  Look at a site or book to see what they mean.  You will find great guidance by watching wildlife and tapping into your own spirit animals.

One day at the apartments I heard great squawking.  I looked up from my car and on my apartment balcony were three huge ravens!  I have never seen ravens before in Colorado.  They were almost animatronic in their movement.  I looked up their meaning and sure enough, transitioning to magic was their meaning.

It’s been quite a ride.  I am grateful to all the helpers out there.

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