February 5, 2017-Blackbird Song


blackbirdWe could hear them as we walked away from the lake towards home.  We could see the masses in the trees.  A great party was going on in our own yard.  Hundreds of singing, ranting, fighting, laughing, black birds swinging from branches and flitting from tree to tree in a great cacophony of raucous sound.

To me, it meant spring would be here soon.  But perhaps that is because the day was warm, we had nothing to do but walk, and the whimsical, carefree sounds of birds brightened the day.


The wall of sound and communication in that neighborhood of birds so pleased me.  The sound grounds me, takes my attention away from the mundane world worries, and captures the child in me.

“Do you see them?” I asked the children we were passing.  They looked at me as if I were a bit daft.  Apparently they did.  But did they feel them?  The sounds of nature are more than an aural experience, they are one better felt in the heart.